Boomerang Farms is a family run farming operation in Salmon Gums Western Australia (owned by Worldbase Securities Pty Ltd).  Our property consists of 9300ha, with 8000ha of cereal, oilseed and pulse crops, including wheat, barley, canola and field peas.

We operate modern John Deere tractors and harvesters, Bourgault aircarts, Ausplow DBS bars and WEED-IT spot spray technology. Utilising the latest technology in cloud based data collection and RTK Autosteer guidance to implement a Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) system to reduce soil compaction.

Through the use of precision agriculture (PA) mapping we utilise variable rate technology to maximise the efficiency of our gypsum, lime and fertiliser applications.

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Our typical cropping season begins in January with gypsum and lime spreading, tree line ripping, seed cleaning and spraying of summer weeds. This work usually leads through to March when seeding/planting preparations begin. Pre seeding maintenance of machinery and fertiliser cartage work leads into the beginning of our planting program in mid April of long season wheat and canola, then in May the barley and spring wheat program finishing in June with our field pea planting.

Post seeding we complete rock rolling and picking to remove rocks dug up at seeding and ensure our paddocks are easier to harvest.

In crop spraying consists of different herbicide, insecticide, fungicide and liquid fertiliser or trace elements applications as the season requires and typically begins in June and extends into September.

Pre harvest preparations begin in September with machinery maintenance, firebreak works and farm roadworks completed.

Harvest typically begins in October through to December with the usual order being field pea, canola, barley, wheat. Most grain is delivered into the CBH system for export to other countries, with some retained on farm for next seasons planting requirements or domestic sale.


Boomerang Farms is located in the Shire of Esperance, Western Australia. It is located 25km West of Salmon Gums, 100km South of Norseman and 125km North of Esperance.

Our climatic conditions range from hot dry summer days to close to zero degrees in Winter. Summer temperatures are generally in the 30’s during the day, although, it is not uncommon for temperatures of some summer days to reach 40 plus degrees. Average annual rainfall of around 350mm


Personal and in a team

 Farm in a Sustainable manner both environmentally and financially

Safety before production
 Everyone goes home at the end of the day

 Respect of individual, team members, equipment and natural resources

 Strive to use and be at the forefront of technology using data driven decision making processes


Accommodation is provided by way of a share house, with separate bedrooms (some with ensuite's), a shared kitchen and lounge room.



We offer short term casual, seasonal and full time employment.
Eligible for 88 day sign off for work visa
If you are interested in joining our team please complete the form below

Employment will be subject to WA Govt Controlled border arrangements at the time of commencing work, please refer to their website for more information

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